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Amherstburg Fire Department – About Us

Our History

The Amherstburg Fire Department (AFD) has a very rich history dating back to at least 1779.  Back then, fires were extinguished using bucket brigades and horse drawn steamers.  However, fire services have changed dramatically since then.  Today, our state of the art fire service is equipped with a progressive fleet of Fire trucks, cutting edge personal protective equipment for firefighters, advanced gas detection and thermal imaging equipment, and powerful electric motor vehicle extrication apparatus.  To ensure all equipment remains in excellent condition, all members of AFD conduct weekly service maintenance inspections.

In 1998, the former Anderdon, Malden and Amherstburg Fire Departments joined to become the Amherstburg Fire Department.  At that time Chief Murray took the helm and remained Chief of the newly expanded AFD.  Since then various Chiefs have taken the lead including: Chief Sinasac,  Chief Reame and currently Chief Bruce Montone.

AFD Stations

Our Fire Department has 3 stations to service the 21,000 residents of Amherstburg, Anderdon, Malden, McGregor and Boblo Island:


Today, the Amherstburg Fire Department services an area of 185.67 sq. kms. and consists of 69 members: 1 Chief, 2 Deputy Chiefs, 4 District Chiefs, 1 Training Officer, 1 Fire Prevention Officer, 12 Captains and 48 Firefighters and 1 Administrative Assistant.

The AFD responds to all kinds of emergencies, including: fires, explosions, hazardous materials incidents, motor vehicle incidents, medical emergencies, emergencies involving utilities, alarm calls, and many other calls for assistance.

Other services offered by AFD include:  fire inspection and code enforcement services, commercial and residential education visits, public safety education programs, station tours, school visits, fire drill facilitation, education booths at major community events and pre-fire planning of major occupancies.

AFD Firefighters (including recruits) and Officers receive excellent training and professional development at all levels.  In fact, AFD has adopted the “Blue Card” Incident Command Program for its full-time District Chiefs which provides them with a training and certification system that defines the best Standard Command Practices for common, local, everyday Strategic and Tactical emergency operations conducted on NIMS Type 4 & Type 5 events. In addition to this program, all personnel must attain certain NFPA certifications and must maintain their competencies in: firefighting, medical response, water/ice rescue, motor vehicle rescue, confined space rescue, and hazardous materials response, in addition to completing their regular training and other additional courses.

Station 1 Fleet includes:

  • 2 Engines (1 on Boblo Island)
  • 1 Ladder Unit
  • 1 Tanker Pumper
  • 1 Support Unit
  • 1 Marine Unit – 22′ Limestone Rescue Boat
    (at the Marina during the boating season)
  • 3 Command Vehicles

Station 2 Fleet includes:

  • 1 Engine
  • 1 Tanker Pumper
  • 1 Support Units

Station 3 Fleet includes:

  • 1 Engine
  • 1 Tanker Pumper
  • 1 Support Unit
  • 1 Rehab Trailer
  • 1 ATV Unit