Due to high water levels and weather forecasts including wind direction, we have put into place measures to assist residents who may be affected to protect citizens and property.

Sandbag distribution will be focused on those properties that historically experience flooding from rivers, creeks, or the lake.

The municipality is assisting residents and property owners of properties on waters edge from County Road 41 to Malden Road, and additionally the South Riverview area for properties along the water. Potentially affected residents within those areas can obtain up to a max of 100 sand bags per property to begin their own preparation for a possible flooding event.

Bags can be obtained at the Public Works Department, Please call for sandbag pick up information. 519-736-3664

Sand is located at the South Yard, 6744 Concession 6 South, to fill the sandbags. Bring a shovel and a means of transportation. Reminder, bags weigh 40 lbs when full, know your vehicle and how much weight it can safely carry.

When picking up bags you will be required to present proof of ownership and address. Only those properties at risk of flooding along water’s edge will be assisted at this time.  Residents should be aware that although the municipality is assisting, it is the property owner’s responsibility to put into place provisions to protect their property and themselves. Residents may want to consider acquiring additional sand bags through other means depending on need; the municipality will continue to provide access to sand at the south yard.

Additional measure the municipality has put into place includes:

  • Rain catchers have been installed on manholes on streets in potentially affected areas
  • Daily ongoing monitoring municipal infrastructure including water and sewage pumping station that may need containment in a large scale flood
  • Road network threats are being monitored regularly
  • Operational status of additional equipment, staffing, and resources has been confirmed
  • An additional 30,000 Sandbags are in hand for use and access to an additional supply of sand bags have been arranged and can be delivered in short notice.
  • Town officials are in constant contact with the provincial emergency operations center for impacts and including environmental and weather related and any assistance that may be needed.