Emergency Response Plan

The Town of Amherstburg Emergency Management Program Committee developed this emergency response plan. Every official, municipal department and agency must be prepared to carry out assigned responsibilities in an emergency. The response plan has been prepared to provide key officials, agencies and departments of the Town of Amherstburg important emergency response information related to:

  • Arrangements, services and equipment; and
  • Roles and responsibilities during an emergency.

In addition, it is important that residents, businesses and interested visitors be aware of its provisions. Copies of the Town of Amherstburg Emergency Response Plan may be viewed at:

  • Town Hall;
  • Fire Headquarters

Annexes are available upon request. All request can be made directly to the Fire Department.

Click the button below to view and download a copy of the Town of Amherstburg’s Emergency Response Plan.

Click Here to View the Town of Amherstburg Emergency Response Plan.