Administrative Services provides input into Provincial and Federal legislation, municipal by-laws, codes and standards affecting fire and rescue services. In addition, the Chief and Deputy Chiefs provide advice to Council on fire protection and prevention issues, as well as emergency planning.

The Deputys facilitate the Town of Amherstburg Emergency Preparedness Plan for all departments and related agencies, and is responsible for maintenance, updating and exercising of the plan. This Officer provides planning and support services at all major incidents.

The Chief and Deputy Chiefs are appointed by the Ontario Fire Marshal under the Essex County Emergency Fire Services Plan to provide co-ordination of services for the County of Essex. The Fire Chief is appointed by the Ontario Fire Marshal as the Chief Fire Official for the community which is mandatory under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. Administrative Services includes long term planning for the Department, evaluation of programs and services, projection of station locations, determination of staffing levels, and co-ordination of development with other community departments. The Chief and/or Deputy Chiefs assume command at major emergency incidents and other members of this division provide support services at those incidents.

This division also provides financial and records analysis, develops, controls and monitors budgets, co-ordinates with all divisions, identifies sources of revenue and fees for services, and maintains and manages records. Administration performs human resources functions for recruitment, selection, promotion, performance evaluations and career development. They are also responsible for development of communications strategies with respect to customer relations practices. In addition, they are responsible for health and safety practices.